This is the News

If you rely on one or two news sources that you “like, viagra sale cialis ” you cannot hope to get a complete picture of what is happening in the world. It is great, cialis though, generic if you wish to be thoroughly titillated and constantly entertained. It is like experiencing an action movie with murders, explosions, love affairs, betrayal, horror, hope and laughs for anywhere from five minutes to twenty four hours a day, depending on how you access it. Without knowing what your news source is ignoring or under-reporting in their news or current affairs, newspapers or websites, you cannot expect to see the world in a balanced way.

For most viewers the events described in the news will have little bearing on their lives, except for financial news. Viewers will rarely have any influence on how the news unfolds. If you follow commercial news to expand your education, be warned that there are a number of reasons it will not provide a complete and balanced meal. This is the fate of every news item:

  • if it doesn’t rate it won’t be seen.
  • if it offends the advertisers it won’t be seen.
  • if it offends the most vocal of viewers it won’t be seen.
  • if it offends the media owners it won’t be seen.
  • if the content doesn’t match the best advertisers’ demographics it won’t be seen.
  • if the content offends the friends of the station it won’t be seen.
  • if the content puts the station at legal risk it won’t be seen.
  • if the content is paid for by an advertising company it will likely become a current affair.
  • whatever is left will be seen, with a few brave exceptions.

This is fine if you don’t see commercial news as your only window to the world. It really doesn’t make a difference if you don’t care to learn or act for anyone outside of your colour, class, age, wage bracket or other demographic, because we are divided and targeted for consumption and influence. Our fears, hopes and desires are used to make us buy and believe. They are also used by politicians to make us cling to their legs when they wish to expand their power. We will be taught to fear people who are not like us, and be given no chance to embrace them.

If you want to be part of one world, listen to, befriend, learn about, help and support people you don’t understand, or even like. Avoid commercial news, commercial newspapers, and commercial radio unless you have another source of information to balance their views. The world’s voices can be found in person, on tape, video, the internet, in books, and in groups that meet regularly.