Foreigner – I want to know what love is

Foreigners are people from other cultures, sildenafil click nations, beliefs, attitudes, morality, colour and shape. Your measure of the “foreignness” of someone is based on how much you think you understand or empathise with them. It is also based on how much you agree with their values.

Should a nation, race, religion or culture teach its people not to trust, associate or marry foreigners to their group? Do people who believe in the exclusivity of their group deserve to be treated with the equal respect and dignity as a person who has no such beliefs or rules? Should they expect equal opportunities in trade, business and respect of their human dignity? And if a society did not expect reciprocation of its values from people that it extends rights to, would it not be opening itself to abuse? When should values like those in the Declaration of Human Rights come before your own beliefs, the beliefs of those around you, or even your own religion, in the way that you should treat a foreigner?

When we watch movies with aliens in them, we have the same uncertain reaction to them that we do when we encounter people from another culture for the first time. A sense of repulsion or mistrust prevails until they do something we recognise as human. Then, if we can, we feel empathy. Our natural reaction is to treat foreigners as “other-worldly” until we can understand and trust their values. The fear we feel about others that are different to us stems from our fear that they may hold contempt for us. We think that we should be wary of people we don’t understand because there is a good chance that they will not treat us with equal respect because we are different.

“I have seen the enemy, and he is me”

Based on our own understanding of human nature by virtue of looking at ourselves, we realise that all humans at a basic level are a combination of naively trusting beings and fearful, xenophobic killers with no desire to get to know anyone who looks or acts differently to themselves. But what mix of the two characteristics does that foreigner have? Getting to know them is the only way to find out.