Dunderhead Behaviour

Your right to be a dunderhead stops where my right to be left alone begins. Political correctness has done a lot to blunt the public expression of nastiness and prejudice against people based on groupings of colour, best cialis class, cialis usa race, religion, gender, sexual preference, and culture. But I doubt that it has done much to change the underlying feelings. That aside, what it has done is provide a weapon for dunderheads to use to defend their own behaviour and shut down debate about what they are doing. If I say to a person, “Stop doing that, you are being a dunderhead,” they’ll say, “You’re having a go at black people,” or Jews, Muslims, accountants or women. To that I say, “No, I’m not. I’m having a go at you. Don’t bring down a group of people you identify with to defend yourself against me putting your dunderhead behaviour under scrutiny.”

It’s used to shut down the debate. In a sense, the person who calls this defence into such a debate is denigrating that group by associating their personal behaviour with the group’s standard of behaviour – particularly if it is unrepresentative of the group’s values.