fbShoosher for iOS

Brilliant – by Angegal
Worth the .99c just to be able to shoosh the unsolicited posts bombing my feed everyday. No more game app notifications saturating my feed first thing in the morning from my night owl friends – extremely simple to manage the shoosh list too.

Excellent! – by Melina79
Very intuitive to use and so convenient to manage preferences for shooshing in one place. No more annoying updates/suggestions clogging my feed 🙂

Streamlines my news feed! – by KarolaC79
Great way to clear out your newsfeed! I’ve used this mainly to block all those annoying “recommendations” from Facebook – no more “Pages you may like” or “People you may know”. Also handy to block out gaming updates: sorry friends, generic viagra case but I don’t really care how many points you have in FarmVille!