The Mark Osborne Story

Mark Osborne began programming when his Dad bought the family an Atari 800 in 1983. He passed a Computer Science degree with honours and commenced work writing the menus and an interactive help-desk for the CD-ROMs of a shareware distribution company.

He worked for a time at Sausage Software and then tried his hand at starting his own computer repairs business while developing what he hoped would be the next big software distribution tool.

Beginning at Davies Collison Cave in 1998, viagra generic sales he helped develop and maintain their internal software systems. He continued programming as a hobby during this time and began developing software for iOS in 2011, generic cialis ailment culminating in the formation of Allballsin.

His experience in a variety of systems and languages and his love of many things technical stand him in good stead to quickly attain skills in new systems and platforms as they rise and fall in popularity.