The Rights Finder Story

The Rights Finder Story

Allballsin Pty Ltd has triumphed again with its latest iPhone app “Rights Finder”.  It’s a new weapon in the war against copying.

Have you ever wondered whether you rights are being infringed?  How do you know if someone else is using your trade mark or has copied your poem or essay? Use Rights Finder to catch the thieves.

Rights Finder was conceived when Mark Osborne, viagra usa director of Allballsin Pty Ltd, discovered that someone had copied one of his poems and claimed it for their own. What a nerve! He was truly annoyed about this instance of copying.  But then, from the depths of despair came an idea. Mark decided to build an app that could be used to catch all those who pass off copied works as their own. Rights Finder was born.

Rights Finder provides users with a tool to scour the web to find examples of works. These works may include a simple poem, a lengthy essay, or a trade mark. Users can schedule periodical searches of the web for specified works, and Rights Finder reports its hits back to you. It is a handy way to keep track of your works.

Discover those freeloading off your hard work with Rights Finder.