The CarPad Story

Bring your sales team into the modern era by replacing paper customer information & vehicle valuation forms with the CarPad app.


CarPad is a new iPad app by Australian company Allballsin Pty Ltd that automates the process of recording customer information and performing vehicle valuations.

CarPad came about as a result of one of the directors observing the sales process at a medium-sized car yard.  He identified that the sales process involved the following steps:

1.         the salesman recorded customer information and vehicle trade-in information on specialised form on a paper notepad;

2.         the salesman then introduced the customer to the sales manager and gave him the notepad containing the partially completed form;

4.         the sales manager gave the notepad to the valuer;

5.         the valuer then completed the valuation section of the form and gave the notepad back to the sales manager;

6.         the sales manager gave one of the triplicate pages of the now completed form to the receptionist so that she could enter the sales information into the car-yard’s computer system; and

7.         the sales manager gave the notepad back to the salesman to complete the sales process.

The director was shocked to learn that the above process was standard procedure for most small to medium car-yards.  The director decided that an app needed to be built to automate this process and add some useful functionality.  CarPad was born.

CarPad is an app which automates the sales process.  It provides a series of intuitive interfaces for taking customer information and for use in recording vehicle valuation information.  In addition to replacing the old paper based form, buy cialis CarPad provides valuers with the ability to take photos of the trade in which allows them to more accurately record the condition of the vehicle.  CarPad can send electronic copies of forms generated, partially or fully completed, to any members of the sales team in a car dealership.


CarPad is available now in iTunes, and costs $109.99.  Don’t waste any more money on obsolete paper based notepads.