Transcendence, best cialis a novel

A lonely god, cialis sales Barry, creates a universe as a large social experiment
to find out what would happen if he met somebody.

An aggrieved soul, Damien, unexpectedly wakes in the body of a human
Vessel and takes advantage of his situation to bend history in his favour.

Barry’s agents Prue and Jack struggle to find a way to stop him, and
Barry appears to be losing control of his creation.


Will Barry scrap everything and start over?


Or will Prue and Jack find a solution where they least expect it?

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Rooted: A Modern Mind

Journey through a modern mind to discover the relationship that you have with every aspect of life. Mark Daniel Osborne has tried everything he can to find the essence of the meaning of life – from years in a cult, through years of investigation, to years of navel-gazing and experiment. Raise your consciousness by following him through the darkest recesses of his middle-class mind in order to find a stronger connection with your world. Or just savour the slow-motion train wreck of a shy guy prostrating himself emotionally. Enjoy the ride…

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