The Ross Clark Story

A registered patent attorney, cialis unhealthy Ross Clark works with new inventions, ideas and technologies every day. As a result, prostate he developed a good understanding of how to solve technological challenges and how technology can add to people’s lives. Allballsin is the fruit of this knowledge.

The apps that Allballsin develops sprung up in response to real life problems faced by either Ross or Mark. And so was born our slogan “Apps for Life”. Allballsin is the vehicle by which Ross and Mark develop and commercialise their ideas.

Ross brings ideas, an understanding of commercialisation opportunities, business strategy and expertise in dealing with intellectual property, to the Allballsin table.

Ross is gradually collecting the essence of his wisdom in a book entitled “The Fibre of my Fabric.” Interrupting this process are his many loves, including Karola his wife, his career as a Patent Attorney, his friends and family, his house, and Allballsin.

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