2013 in Review


Hi all.

This was a great year, cialis sales viagra but the tone may sometimes be darker. It was an effort to capture all the moods.

Rather than the usual chronological ordering of the year, buy viagra recipe this one is by category. This way you only have to read the sections that either interest you or make sense. It also frees me from worrying about trying to entertain, click inform or be understood by everybody.

The rest is on Facebook I suppose. It’s where the more immediate reactions to the world get recorded.

It has been shown in studies that time changes our memories so Facebook is probably a better reflection of what we think of the things that happen rather than future summaries.



I have been in the same job for fifteen years. The work has changed over the time, but the most exciting aspect this year was convincing the firm of the benefits of getting the development team the latest development tools. Now we have an exciting cliff to climb that will benefit everybody.

As a result of this, I discovered BizSpark, a Microsoft initiative to get startup companies to develop with their tools and platforms. They provide nearly all of their products for free for three years to get companies going. After many nights of effort, I’ve got Windows 8.1 running on my aging MacBook Pro which looks kind of amusing. I’m developing with about $50K of free software.

As it happens, I can’t get a network connection from my MacBook to my Windows Phone. Not sure if it is Microsoft or Apple’s fault.

I delivered a presentation at the 2013 CPA Conference which is held for customers of the practice management system that we use at Davies Collison Cave. It went down very well if under duress as a result of their excellent fun management the night before at Madame Tussard’s wax museum. I sent a couple of pics of One Direction to Allysha from there and nearly hooked her.

Allballsin.com received a lot of time this year. Let’s say I think the rewards have been good but mostly intangible at this point. I have more to say in the Entrepreneurial Pursuits section.



It’s been a journey of discovery. In order to help a friend out, I bought some music production software and found a world of cool sounds. Tam’s 40th present for me switched from skydiving to a musical keyboard that could take advantage of the software. I somewhat ambitiously took on writing the ultimate love song and learnt several important things:

1) Music Production takes a serious amount of time.

2) Auto-tune needs a decent vocal effort to begin with or it sounds crap.

3) No amount of effects can make a keyboard sound like an electric guitar.

The final result of this effort can be heard here:


You can hear where I had no more time for the song as the timing, levels, and tuning fall to pieces. I like the lyrics though. The automatic drummer choked on his vomit, probably voluntarily.

Tam’s 41st present to me was an electric guitar. I love how she gets me exactly what I want, sometimes without even knowing she has until I show her. I am now practising music again. Hooray for scales! I’m like a mature age student at university. I actually understand the importance of the boring stuff. Probably won’t have decent results for years. I’ll let you know.

On the point of the practice of spelling practice and practise as practise or practice, I came up with a useful rule for the spelling in the Queen’s English.

You can s*** someone, but you can’t c*** them. Therefore, advise is a verb and advice is a noun. Practice is a noun and practise is a verb.

S*** is a doing word, c*** is not. Puerile but effective. I have less politically correct ways of remembering things like which keys are flat in major scales, but I literally cannot bring myself to share them.

An old school-friend I hadn’t spoken to for about twenty years found me on Facebook, and we started doing some musical collaboration. I wrote some lyrics for music that he had written, and I am waiting for him to arrange them and get it sung by somebody who can sing better than me.


40th Birthday

I had a great 40th birthday, shared with Chris Paine. A backyard party on a 37 degree day. Remember them? If you stepped outside at about 11pm this week you would. For my birthday I planned to have forty lunches or dinners, but ran out of steam after ten. “Age shall not weary them” does not apply to me.



I despaired of seeing my political party worry more about its internal business than running the country. So did the country it seemed, and they replaced them. It is worse seeing the good work they actually did do (disability, broadband, climate, education etc.) undone so quickly by the only viable alternative government.

I despaired of seeing our party offer greater democracy to its members and then take it away with brazenness because a few people with power in the party thought they could and that having a better society wasn’t as important.

I despaired of the devolution of the office of political service and the policies to the level of an argument between two-year-olds over a shared toy.

I am split whether I can do more good outside of a political party rather than within it. While government decisions these days tend to be controlled by polls, the media, lobbyists and pressure groups, there is a movement within the ALP to make it more democratic and hopefully more representative of our country and its people, especially the less powerful and the unlucky.

The federal election saw the change of government from a bunch of aggro navel-gazers to a mob who think the ALP care too much about the sick, the poor, the disabled, the “non-straight”, women, the uneducated and the unemployed. So it’s time to rub shoulders again with people, some of whom I just don’t like, on behalf of the voiceless.

I also know plenty of good and smart people in the party who want to make our country humane and successful.

I joined a new Policy Committee this year. It is not as vibrant as my last one but it is another avenue for trying to push some ideas around that I think are important – see Lobbying.

I will be on the executive of the Glen Waverley ALP branch again this year. They are a lovely bunch of opinionated people led by a well-connected and straight-playing secretary who manages to regularly get some very interesting speakers to attend. The speakers then get pummelled with questions from the audience, and I think everyone leaves satisfied.

At the ALP State Conference this year, I saw Dad get awarded a lifetime membership award for forty years of membership of the ALP. It was awarded by Julia Gillard, our Prime Minister at the time.


Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Allballsin had the following results:

fbShoosher made $95, RightsFinder made $8

We were pretty frugal with our expenses, but not $100 frugal. Anyway, the availability of time to throw at this project may be more limited from now on, so we are putting what we have out there, and focussing on other things. OK, that’s not entirely true. I like to flog dead horses. Sometimes for years. The difference between a rat and a human is that if you put a rat in a maze, and it finds the cheese, it returns until the first time the cheese is no longer there. Humans keep going back in the hope cheese will reappear. Hope separates our species. And we have cool thumbs.


Medical Pursuits

I have only two medical pursuits to report this year:

1) A little anonymous boy with leukaemia responded well to my bone marrow.

2) I got a top’n’tail (Colonoscopy / Endoscopy) that surprised my bottom mechanic. He said I don’t have to see him for a few years. I hope he’s right.


Philanthropic Pursuits

Getup.org does not enjoy tax-deductions on their donations. But they still do well. I’ll tip a little something into causes that I think are just.

There are about 600 000 registered charities in Australia that receive tax breaks, and a commission to look into them was postponed by the Labor government.

Not sure where it is going now, but tax breaks are tax-payer funded and there needs to be accountability and visibility when there is free money offered to others by the government on behalf of taxpayers.


Hatch, Match and Dispatch

Several marriages and babies again this year – the late bloom is continuing.

Rohan Donnelly, a cricket friend from years ago, died from an aneurysm. About 400 people turned up to his funeral. He had become the vice principal of a school for willing kids. One of the kid’s families turned up and did a haka for him out of respect and gratitude for what he had given the child.



Ollie starts primary school this year. He is very excited about it. He gets to keep most of his friends from kinder and will meet some profoundly deaf classmates when he gets there that will continue his diversity education.

Matilda loves childcare but there will be a few tears from the baby room staff when she has to go into the toddlers room. Her cuteness seems to overcome the dread she causes by climbing up everything and falling off.



The justification for men-only social catch-ups is weakening. I still keep a couple going, but there are regular incursions. These days it’s more about having someone spare to keep the kids company as well as sharing experiences that I had in an environment where it just happened to be me and other men (school and certain friendships). Your mileage may vary.

The best I can come up with in terms of gender equality is this:

Gender is an expression of hormones and experience – a shifting spectrum for some, a single point for others. It does not determine your rights nor should it be used to do so.  It is not based on your genitals.

Having said that, I have two thoughts about gender politics:

1)   Grown-ups usually can’t have their attitudes changed. It might be better to concentrate on the next generation.

2)   If you gather socially on the basis of sharing past experiences, if they were historically male or female dominated, then that’s what your group will look like.

Me-only events, however, need strengthening. More time on my own is required, but “at this busy time in our lives” it is not as available as it used to be. I’m in a “procreation-caused time crisis” and I wouldn’t have it any other way, so long as there is some sort of “calm-down” date in the future.


Success and Envy

Something I have noticed this year is that now that I am at the commonly accepted middle of my life (male) I am becoming envious of the success of my nearest and dearest. I can explain this with an evolutionary angle, but it’s still there. I know all the justifications and reasons and wherefores for why it is wrong, etc. but I also think I am not alone in this most human of reactions.


Justice and Institutions

State and federal commissions into past abuses of children raises strong reactions in nearly everybody. Some cannot believe it happened because it will destroy their view of a dearly beloved institution. Others want it to go away. I think we are all secretly scared to have our own depravities held up to the light in the way a government can truly expose a corrupt institution. Too many people are killing themselves, however, as a result of their past experiences with trusted community leaders, and it needs to be prevented or reduced in the future. Bringing people and institutions to justice is hopefully one way that can be achieved.



This year we had an Osborne Christmas at our villa in Glen Waverley. It rolled on nicely thanks to Tam’s awesome work. We didn’t quite get dessert out, but we didn’t hear too many complaints. We had the usual Osborne gift orgy of throwing them around while unwrapping others and ending up not knowing all of what’s yours or where it came from. Thanks to all who made it fun.


State of Mind

I am a slave to my own body. No, I must remember that the slave is me. The duality is an illusion. The flesh is me. I am my flesh. The loops, spirals and patterns of behaviour are the sum and product of my experience and the processes that give me my consciousness. I am both the rider and the ridden, and they are one and the same person. I am an expression of what can happen after an unimaginable time passes. And so are you.

I’m in an interesting situation at present. I’m pretty sure that I’m too old to change much, but I won’t achieve some of my goals unless I do. I tried to approach the problem from the other direction, and just change my goals. This equation rings true to me:

happiness = satisfaction / desires

(Lower the desires and the happiness increases.)

But it doesn’t quite work because:

Satisfaction = happiness * desires

(Greater satisfaction requires greater desires?)

Anyway, I’ll try banging my head against a few impenetrable walls this year and see what happens. Sorry if this is a bit vague, but it needs to be at present.


Pondering the Imponderables

Among many other thoughts and ideas that demand but never receive enough of my time or attention are:

The Social Value of a Human

It is not their financial cost/benefit to society

It is not their employment status

It is not their relationship status

It is not their social status

Immeasurable does not equal unimportant


Collecting Tax

Do we honour the risk takers when they win?

Do we discourage the risk takers by taking a bigger cut?

People should be taxed according to the risk they are taking?

How much is enough for you?

Do you have any spare to share?

How much of your fortune was gifted?

How much do you owe the government?

Recipients of Windfall:

Should windfalls be shared?

Is inheritance a right?

What is wrong with inequality of income if the base is rising?

Recipients of the fruits of labour:

Working gives fulfilment?

Should generosity be enforced?

When people are forced to be generous to others they may resent the people they are generous to instead of the people who forced them to share: Parenthood 101.

Or will they learn the benefits of sharing, including the altruistic high, by being forced to share?

Or should we trust our nature to share of its own accord?


How should tax be spent?

Spend tax dollars on future?

Helping Victims of hatred, misfortune, prejudice?

Should the “natural” distribution of luck be accepted or shared?

Should we look after victims of the future as well as the present?

Would victims prefer to be noticed or ignored?

Should quiet people be punished by their nature? They do not form the social networks that would protect them in times of misfortune. What about a***holes (3 stars!) who are lonely because of their condition, too? Should they be considered victims of their natural misfortune? And so, in the search for an answer to the question of whether we should be forced to contribute to their welfare, we would do well to consider that we are a single physical blow from requiring it ourselves, and if our own networks cannot support us, then what to do?

And what is the “blow”? Violent, psychological, medical?

It is any event that makes us no longer able to support ourselves financially, resulting in starvation and homelessness without support.


Power is the exercise of identifying and neutralising opposing forces.

Changing People

30+ year old people don’t change their beliefs?

Should people be saved from themselves against their will?


Senate Voting Reform

We should reform the federal Senate voting system with the following steps:

1) Preference as few or as many candidates as you want

2) No above the line voting

3) Robson rotation

These changes should result in a return of more determination of the outcome to voters and less to chance and preference deals between parties.



Statistics in Media

There should be a requirement for published statistical information (in advertising, news and political messages) be made available with the following information:

• sample size

• population size

• sample standard deviation

• mean

• median

• margin of error

• confidence interval (with confidence level)

This can be done either with a published link to a website containing the information, or within the article or advertisement itself.

This is in recognition that there is current public and political interest in reviewing the media and its representation of current issues. This motion will help protect consumers of media from misleading statistics (either deliberately or accidentally). This will help commentators, experts and readers determine whether to take the statistical assertions seriously or not.


Mental Health Impact of Advertising

Regulation and banning of advertising which promotes feelings of inadequacy, insecurity or incompleteness within a person.

This is in recognition that it is time for mental health to be treated more seriously as a human rights issue by government. It is moved on the basis that if an ad is attempting to generate or reinforce harmful thoughts in order to sell its product, it is undertaking abusive behaviour.



That there be government support for the legalisation of euthanasia subject to:

1) Psychiatric evaluation and consultation with more than one qualified practitioner present at all times.

2) An estate tax on applicants will apply.

3) Medical Institutions and Practitioners should pay a government levee equal to the estimated palliative care in order for a patient to be administered euthanasia.

This way, a legal path, indexed to the wealth of the applicant, is available to those who wish to end their lives with their own sense of dignity with a number of potential pitfalls addressed:

1) Will reduce the chance of it occurring out of medical malpractice.

2) The estate tax will discourage over-eager family members from manipulating or influencing their decision-making.

3) This should prevent cost-efficiency being taken into account by medical decision-makers, relatives and friends.




Final Note

Here’s wishing you find many more positives than negatives in 2014, and that your eyes are as open as they need to be but not too much. That hope leads you towards better things and not away from them.


Mark Daniel Osborne

Allballsin Enters International Programming Competition

Allballsin.com – creators of fbShoosher, discount viagra see the iPhone app that removes ads from your Facebook feed – entered this year’s Internet Problem Solving Competition (http://ipsc.ksp.sk) against over five hundred other teams. It runs over 7-8 June 2013.

They also set themselves the extra challenge of solving the competition’s problems by creating iPhone apps.

Make Government Easier And Representatives Will Be Better

The insane 24-hour media cycle has unnecessarily burdened MPs and their staff. This time would be better spent developing good policy and investing their time with their party. This will make involvement more attractive and strengthen democracy.

It is discouraging to see policy created spontaneously as a result of a tight news cycle. At the very least, generic cialis discount a government’s cabinet should debate and decide policy over a period of at least one day, viagra usa preferably more. At best, a governing party’s membership should be informed of the need for a policy decision by way of discussion papers and allowed to take a vote or make submissions. This can be done easily with modern social media  technology and will make membership more interesting. The public should be allowed to participate in this kind of policy debate, too.

It should be normal for politicians to be able to say to the press, “I will get back to you,” instead of making policy on-the-run. The media will object to our lengthening of the media cycle by claiming that by not instantly answering every single one of their questions they are being arrogant and undemocratically disrespectful of the voting public.

That will be when we should defend the lengthening of the political news cycle on the grounds that better policy outcomes for our country will arise from it.

To this end – genuine crises aside – a single day of the week should be selected for the release of new policy. Call it “Policy Tuesday”. The rest of the week can be spent debating, defending and refining it. There is enough news elsewhere to fill the bulletins – puppies, rape and killing.

There exists a fear that lengthening the political news cycle will provide the political opposition with an advantage if they do not play along with the spirit of the intent. They will be able to spend an extra six days making jabs at the possible upcoming policy from the governing party of the day. This has not yet been tested, though. All potentially good policy should be tested.


Education is the institution of learning. Sometimes the institution is mistaken for the organisations entrusted with teaching. Sometimes it is mistaken for the buildings and teachers within it. But it really describes the distance between ignorance and knowledge in any of the thousands of areas of knowledge in our world. It includes history, viagra sale generic science, pills arts and stories that are taught systematically to people in our societies in order to progress and protect the lives of the individuals who live in it – and of the society itself.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics dictates that heat will flow from a warmer area to a cooler one. If information was seen as heat, malady education can be seen as obeying the Second Law, too. It is the flow of knowledge towards ignorance. And who are the teachers? Anyone or anything that a person will learn from, listen to, and trust.

Is the value of education understood by the learners who swim in it? Many people are happily ignorant and jealously protect that from interference. On some level they understand that new knowledge demands a change in our actions in order to maintain personal integrity. Knowledge is power. Once you discover that you are powerful you must use that power or be condemned as having wasted it. Once you discover that every human is your brother, sister, mother, father, son or daughter, you must use your power to pull the ones below you out of the drowning waters of suffering. Once you discover that you yourself are enslaved, you must use your power to pull yourself out of the slavery towards freedom. This is the yoke of knowledge. It can be thrown off with action true to your conscience, or by running away from the reality with medication, entertainment or therapy.

Knowing how difficult it is to live in a world where you believe everybody is equal and deserving of human rights, would you inflict the pain of such a pre-determined course on your children? Or would you want them to be happy and free from the yoke of responsibility that comes from such enlightened attitudes? The road to personal peace is paved with ignorance. What right do you have to torture your child with the shackles of empathy and decency? You should be incarcerated for negligence because you did not give them their god-given opportunity to be ignorant and happy. That is the double-edged sword of education.

The gradual degradation of our written language in children coming through the education system is often lamented by older journalists, authors, teachers and academics. Shorthand texting on mobile phones and the move away from the importance of “The Three Rs” (Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmetic) in education are two targets for blame for this situation. The implication is that complexity of thought and its expression to other people can only (or best) be achieved with a correctly spelt and conjugated written language. I don’t think the grammar or spelling is as important as the breadth of vocabulary. It is in being able to finely distinguish between two ideas that true communication exists.

Before the printing press, some cultures trained people incessantly in their oral tradition, and great pride was taken in accurately repeating what was passed on from one generation to the next. The advent of massive recording and archiving of video on the internet allows the recording of thoughts and ideas in a way that is as permanent as a book, provided it is backed up reliably. What is not available at present is an easy way to find videos relating to particularly finely selected criteria, the way we currently can with text in Google.

Words change their meaning over time. Words from even twenty years ago have changed their meaning. “Wicked” once meant evil, then good, and now evil again, depending on the context. “Awesome” used to mean fearsome. Now it means excellent. How much more difficult would it be to understand the correct meaning of words written hundreds or thousands of years ago?

Experience and the education required to understand it is the key to wisdom. Together they provide lessons in how to act in spite of our fears. Education is the “KY Jelly” of society which lubricates its members and allows them to interact more tolerantly. Linguistics, the study of language, is feared by many politicians, power-brokers and con-men. Learning about false logic in arguments can be used to confront prejudiced thinking in ourselves and others, and can be used to identify manipulation by others. A love of history and study of the use of our language can be used to critically analyse and expose the meaning behind the words of our leaders, for our benefit.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the quality of teaching is key to quality education and it is time that public policy focuses on this ahead of other more easily measurable directions.

Bag Carrier

The bag carrier can be used for carrying shopping or bags of ice (by poking it under the metal ring.)

It can carry anything with a handle that would otherwise dig into your fingers!

In a brave new world of using our cars less, viagra sale  and yet still craving comfort and the least experience of pain possible, many of us are now becoming aware of the limitations of the handles of plastic bags. Yes, the harsh truth is that plastic bags are still in wide use, and they continue to squeeze and torment our fingers.

Carrying three or four shopping bags, even with as little as a couple of kilograms in each bag becomes torturous to our fingers when walking as far as one kilometre or more.

Anyone who has tried to carry bags of ice has an even worse problem since (in Australia, at least) they don’t have handles!

Fear not! The bag carrier will carry your ice and groceries with ease. Its comfortable rubber grip and sturdy construction will save your fingers for what they were designed for: using remote controls and eating snack foods!

Note that these devices – nay, tools – have not been tested to their breaking point, but easily carry seven kilograms each (that’s 2 x 3.5 kilogram bags of ice!)

These great finger savers can be yours for a very reasonable price.


Over 7 Kilograms!
Over 7 Kilograms!

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Sample Card

Dunderhead Behaviour

Your right to be a dunderhead stops where my right to be left alone begins. Political correctness has done a lot to blunt the public expression of nastiness and prejudice against people based on groupings of colour, best cialis class, cialis usa race, religion, gender, sexual preference, and culture. But I doubt that it has done much to change the underlying feelings. That aside, what it has done is provide a weapon for dunderheads to use to defend their own behaviour and shut down debate about what they are doing. If I say to a person, “Stop doing that, you are being a dunderhead,” they’ll say, “You’re having a go at black people,” or Jews, Muslims, accountants or women. To that I say, “No, I’m not. I’m having a go at you. Don’t bring down a group of people you identify with to defend yourself against me putting your dunderhead behaviour under scrutiny.”

It’s used to shut down the debate. In a sense, the person who calls this defence into such a debate is denigrating that group by associating their personal behaviour with the group’s standard of behaviour – particularly if it is unrepresentative of the group’s values.

Foreigner – I want to know what love is

Foreigners are people from other cultures, sildenafil click nations, beliefs, attitudes, morality, colour and shape. Your measure of the “foreignness” of someone is based on how much you think you understand or empathise with them. It is also based on how much you agree with their values.

Should a nation, race, religion or culture teach its people not to trust, associate or marry foreigners to their group? Do people who believe in the exclusivity of their group deserve to be treated with the equal respect and dignity as a person who has no such beliefs or rules? Should they expect equal opportunities in trade, business and respect of their human dignity? And if a society did not expect reciprocation of its values from people that it extends rights to, would it not be opening itself to abuse? When should values like those in the Declaration of Human Rights come before your own beliefs, the beliefs of those around you, or even your own religion, in the way that you should treat a foreigner?

When we watch movies with aliens in them, we have the same uncertain reaction to them that we do when we encounter people from another culture for the first time. A sense of repulsion or mistrust prevails until they do something we recognise as human. Then, if we can, we feel empathy. Our natural reaction is to treat foreigners as “other-worldly” until we can understand and trust their values. The fear we feel about others that are different to us stems from our fear that they may hold contempt for us. We think that we should be wary of people we don’t understand because there is a good chance that they will not treat us with equal respect because we are different.

“I have seen the enemy, and he is me”

Based on our own understanding of human nature by virtue of looking at ourselves, we realise that all humans at a basic level are a combination of naively trusting beings and fearful, xenophobic killers with no desire to get to know anyone who looks or acts differently to themselves. But what mix of the two characteristics does that foreigner have? Getting to know them is the only way to find out.

This is the News

If you rely on one or two news sources that you “like, viagra sale cialis ” you cannot hope to get a complete picture of what is happening in the world. It is great, cialis though, generic if you wish to be thoroughly titillated and constantly entertained. It is like experiencing an action movie with murders, explosions, love affairs, betrayal, horror, hope and laughs for anywhere from five minutes to twenty four hours a day, depending on how you access it. Without knowing what your news source is ignoring or under-reporting in their news or current affairs, newspapers or websites, you cannot expect to see the world in a balanced way.

For most viewers the events described in the news will have little bearing on their lives, except for financial news. Viewers will rarely have any influence on how the news unfolds. If you follow commercial news to expand your education, be warned that there are a number of reasons it will not provide a complete and balanced meal. This is the fate of every news item:

  • if it doesn’t rate it won’t be seen.
  • if it offends the advertisers it won’t be seen.
  • if it offends the most vocal of viewers it won’t be seen.
  • if it offends the media owners it won’t be seen.
  • if the content doesn’t match the best advertisers’ demographics it won’t be seen.
  • if the content offends the friends of the station it won’t be seen.
  • if the content puts the station at legal risk it won’t be seen.
  • if the content is paid for by an advertising company it will likely become a current affair.
  • whatever is left will be seen, with a few brave exceptions.

This is fine if you don’t see commercial news as your only window to the world. It really doesn’t make a difference if you don’t care to learn or act for anyone outside of your colour, class, age, wage bracket or other demographic, because we are divided and targeted for consumption and influence. Our fears, hopes and desires are used to make us buy and believe. They are also used by politicians to make us cling to their legs when they wish to expand their power. We will be taught to fear people who are not like us, and be given no chance to embrace them.

If you want to be part of one world, listen to, befriend, learn about, help and support people you don’t understand, or even like. Avoid commercial news, commercial newspapers, and commercial radio unless you have another source of information to balance their views. The world’s voices can be found in person, on tape, video, the internet, in books, and in groups that meet regularly.