Generic Online Donation Shop
Where I show I can set up a full e-marketplace solution from scratch on a linux server running on a pretty low-power unmanaged VPS.
Controlling a Lego tank with VR Goggles
Where I show I can control a Lego Mindstorms robot by writing a custom VR app that streams video from an old Winphone strapped to the robot.
COVID Data Visualisation
Where I show you a demo of using Excel to mash-up open data of COVID infections, postcode to suburb mapping, and geographic mapping.
Online Software Development Tutoring
Where I offer tutoring in the computing skills that I can.
Software Development Resume
Where you can find short-form and long-form versions of my resume for professional software development experience.
Paypal Donation
Where you can make a donation to me if you think spending money on things you like or find useful makes more of those things manifest in your own world (answer: it does)
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