Last Flight of the Kingswood
My last trip in my favourite car. Turned it into a Top Gear type race.

Skydiving day with Allysha.

PC Blues Show Episode 3


Speedy Jazz
Some late night piano playing sped up.

Mobile App Graveyard

Apps we used to support. Changing environments stopped them working the way we wanted them to. The right thing to do is remove them from the app store but we are leaving them here for nostalgia.


iPhone Demo

TuneFetcher in App Store

I love to fetch. At first I fetched sticks, balls, newspapers and shoes. But sometimes my master didn’t like me fetching his things. I think he didn’t like slobber and bite marks on his shoes and his newspaper. But I couldn’t help it, fetching is my natural instinct and he didn’t throw enough balls or sticks for me.

But then I noticed he was asking for things, and the thing he asked most often was “what’s that song?”

So I decided to learn to fetch songs for him instead of shoes. It wasn’t easy at first (you know what they say about old dogs learning new tricks), but with the help of my friends Ross and Mark I finally learned and now I can fetch songs my master hears on the radio. Now he plays fetch with me all the time, and so can you!


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