Oliver’s Website


Oliver and I made a website for a school holiday project.

We also created a game in Scratch called Zombie Bubble.

Product Ideas

Bag Carrier

The bag carrier can be used for carrying shopping or bags of ice (by poking it under the metal ring.)

It can carry anything with a handle that would otherwise dig into your fingers!

In a brave new world of using our cars less, and yet still craving comfort and the least experience of pain possible, many of us are now becoming aware of the limitations of the handles of plastic bags. Yes, the harsh truth is that plastic bags are still in wide use, and they continue to squeeze and torment our fingers.

Carrying three or four shopping bags, even with as little as a couple of kilograms in each bag becomes torturous to our fingers when walking as far as one kilometre or more.

Anyone who has tried to carry bags of ice has an even worse problem since (in Australia, at least) they don’t have handles!

Fear not! The bag carrier will carry your ice and groceries with ease. Its comfortable rubber grip and sturdy construction will save your fingers for what they were designed for: using remote controls and eating snack foods!

Note that these devices - nay, tools - have not been tested to their breaking point, but easily carry seven kilograms each (that’s 2 x 3.5 kilogram bags of ice!)

These great finger savers can be yours for a very reasonable price.

Favourite Order Cards

Do you eat or drink at the same place regularly? Are you sick of ordering the same meal with the same drink and the same extras?

For a very reasonable price, we will mail you a hard-wearing, laminated card with your favourite order. Also, you get free postage to anywhere in the world. Also, we’ll give you a spare one in case the first gets lost.

All you have to do is hand it to the friendly staff and wait for your order!

It will fit in your wallet, being the size of a credit card but so very much thinner.

Please allow 5 days for delivery in Australia, and 10-20 days elsewhere in the world.

Enter the name of your favourite cafe, bar or eatery, click Buy Now, and enter the details.